Creative Mini wet wipes canister is coming !!!

Creative mini wet wipes canister design, it useful item for Adults, Boys and Girls. Each Wet Tissue Canister contains 30 Slices. 
Easy and convenient to carry....You can gift each canister to every guest as door gift. We are offering 4 difference type of design and price is for SET of 4.

Mini Canister ( Mini Can ) Shaped 30 Slices RM 13.00.
Canister Size : 50mm X 50mm X 85mm 
Wipes Size : 140mm X 70mm. Weight : 40g/m2 Spun Lace.

Ingredients : EDI Pure Water, Plant Extract, Natural Humectant etc.
Main Material : High Quality Spunlace. Cotton.
Expire Date : View The Tank Bottom.
Shelflife : 2 Years
Hygienic Permil : YWXZZ ( 2003 ) No. 0218. 
Hygienic Standard : GB 15979
Execute Standard : ZGB/ZT27728

Please visit https://www.ilfragrance.com/index.php?ws=ourproducts&cid=331784&cat=Mini-Can-Wet-Wipes&subcat=Mini-Can-Wet-Wipes-S-Set-For-4-pcs-RM-13-00#openproducts

09 Nov 2020